Before getting into HMI development, Digitech has already worked in the field of E-bike technology for many years and had quietly provided many control, communication and manufacturing solutions to the industy.

The team consists of senior R&D experts, control solution experts, desingers, product managers and NPI experts from top-tier industry leaders such as GoPro and Huawei. Rallied under the vision of a cleaner, smarter way of travel and making the world a better place, we dove into the e-bike field aiming to provide a much more flexible, versatile and enjoyable experience to the world of e-biking, by introducing modern trendy technologies to bring user interaction with the e-bike to a whole new level.

And now Digitech is proud to announce our new product: the B-COCKPiT, a connected HMI for e-bikes.

Regardless the category of your e-bike, the HMI (A.K.A. cycling computer) is the key bridge to connect you to the bike.

For many years you read it, you press it, you interact with it, and some times, you are tired with it... For its limited functions, boring display, poor readability, out-of-date design...

It Is Time For A Change

Get a B-COCKPiT, join the trend, and Have Fun Out There!